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About Jeeper Canada

Jeeper Canada was born after the purchase of my very first Jeep Wrangler. I had a Jeep Patriot and long before it a Jeep Comanche. I saw that there were Jeep Wrangler or 4x4 enthusiast clubs, but nothing that really united true Jeep enthusiasts, regardless of the model or year of Jeep you own.

So I decided to set up a portal for Jeep lovers, where exchanges between Jeepers could be done without being overrun by advertisements of all kinds and the complaints of owners of Toyota, Chevrolet, etc., which obviously do not talk about what interests us, the Jeeps!

By becoming a member of, much like Facebook, you can create your personal profile page, from where you can add friends and contacts. You will have the possibility of feeding your blog, of making public Posts on all the subjects which interests you, selling parts or complete PartOut, posting your tips and tricks, organizing rides, in short, finally exchanging, sharing, selling or buy, without breaking your head with what you just don't care about!

I'm Michael May Webber and I'll be your host, admin and moderator at Jeeper Canada.